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Our passion for physical and emotional well-being made us believe, dream and create healthy and conscious foods as a source of balance, love and well-being.  

At Yellow Foods we combine different universes to create a perfect harmony between the conscious, the natural and the functional in each of our products, because yes, each of our ingredients is a universe, it brings with it a story, it carries with it eternity and with her balance.

And finally, why Yellow Foods? Yellow Foods is a tribute to the sun, this star so immense and so humble, at the same time. This star that rises every day at the same time in perfect synchronicity with everything and allows us to live, reaches everyone equally and fills us with vital energy to make each day, each moment, each moment memorable. Thank you Xué (as the Muiscas call it) for existing and for allowing us to exist.


our reason for being

We exist so that the world eats healthy.


We trust in the power of natural, functional and conscious food as a source of quality of life, balance and happiness for all, always seeking to generate shared value with our suppliers, customers and allies.

We are inspired by people who take care of themselves, who feed themselves consciously, seek balance, love themselves and love the planet. We are moved by farmers, peasants and the common good.


At Yellow foods we are real people looking for balance and perfect harmony, we seek to generate a positive impact in the world through good quality and love for others.

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