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We value every purchase and do our best to honor all shipping requests to ensure you receive your products as quickly as possible.

Yellow Foods SAS makes shipments to all the municipalities of the Colombian territory through transport companies, which guarantee security, so that your purchase reaches the desired address.


Delivery times

The delivery time of the products is approximately 1 to 3 business days for Bogotá and between 3 and 4 business days for the other cities of Colombia.


Delivery times start counting from the confirmation of payment. For payments by credit card and using the PSE button, the payment platform must approve the transaction according to the analysis of the data, which may take up to one business day. For cash payments with Efecty, Baloto or Consignación, the payment information may take up to 1 business day after the payment is made. At the time of approval of the payment of the order, you will receive an email with its confirmation.  

Deliveries are not made on an exact schedule. In case there is any concern with the dispatch of the product, you can contact our customer service whatsapp 3002918383, through our email, or on our website . The product may be received by any person of legal age who lives or is present at the place of delivery or porter mentioned in the purchase data.

In the event that the product shows signs of damage or breakage in its primary packaging at the time of delivery, you must record it in the carrier's guide as an observation and contact the Customer Service line.


Cost of delivery

The shipment of orders in the Colombian territory, a calculation of the value of the shipment is made according to the total value of the purchase.

This information can be consulted in the Shopping Cart, after selecting the product(s). This value will be calculated in the purchase process and will be informed at the time of order settlement, before you make the payment.





If you wish to change any of our products, it must be done within the maximum times established, according to the Right of Withdrawal and Purchase Reversals. The maximum time to request a change is 5 business days, from the date of delivery of the product.


The steps to follow are:

·   Contact through our Customer Service channels -whatsapp: 3002918383, through our mail, or on our website  


·   The data that must be taken into account for communication are the following:

1.   Full name

two.   Identification number

3.   Telephone/cell phone contact

Four.   Email

5.   # from order

6.   Date of Purchase

7.   Product Purchased

8.   reason for return

9.   New product for exchange


You should keep in mind that:

·   Promotional or discounted products have no change.

·   The change must be made on the same value or higher than the purchased product, paying the surplus, as the case may be.

·   The customer must bear the cost of return shipping. ​​


To make the return of the shipment you can use the same packaging in which we delivered your order or use a packaging of your preference, however, it is important that the packaging is adequate according to the nature of the product so that it cannot be affected during the transportation process.


Once we receive your product back in our warehouse, we will verify the conditions in which the product is found, the Operations area will have 3 business days to inform you if your product meets the criteria established to make the change, for another product or return the product. money


In the event that your product does not meet the criteria of our exchange and guarantee policy, we will inform you with an email, the reason why the exchange or guarantee does not apply and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address. The conditions of the product for exchange are:

·   Product must be packed

·   As it is food, the product cannot be opened.

·   Must NOT be scratched or marked


The times for the change, according to the policy of Yellow Foods SAS are:  


The time for sending changes is approximately 3 to 5 business days for Bogotá and between 5 and 8 business days for the other cities of Colombia, counted from the receipt of the product in our warehouse or from the day of confirmation of retention of the product. product in the warehouse.

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